Friday, January 17, 2014

Question of the week? Roy Lake South Dakota and Grand Canyon

What is your most humorous family vacation memory?

We went to Roy Lake Resort, South Dakota every July for many years. We rented a cabin on the lake that slept 6 and spent the week fishing, sunbathing, reading and swimming. Great times. So many different summers come to mind. But one of the first summers that I thought of happened in the later years of traveling to Roy Lake. Our girls were older and so they asked if they could have friends come along. We thought it would be fun, so we rented a second smaller cabin. Friends of ours and their family were, also, coming along that year. So our small caravan of four cars headed to South Dakota for a week of fun and relaxation.  My hubby decided to take a so called short cut. After wandering around country roads for hours lost, actually it probably wasn’t that long, I convinced him to stop and I would ask a farmer we saw mending fences for directions. I asked the fellow how we got back to the highway.  When he said” mam, what highway would that be?”, I had to chuckle. With his directions we finally found the road to the back entrance to Roy Lake State Park, only to have to wait another hour or so as a cattle drive was blocking the road.  Not a fun thing to do on a hot day in July in South Dakota.

The vacation trip that I found humorous began with a trip out West. It was Shelby’s centennial that year, 1970. We owned the Corner Tavern and had a very good week due to all the events and people in town. I decided to take off for Las Vegas. So we piled all six of us, plus a sitter into the car. We stopped at Grand Crayon on our way. Our youngest daughter was 2 that year and took along her imaginary friend named “boy”. As we stood at the rim, she said” Daddy, Daddy, boy fell down there” pointing at deep canyon” go get him”. I answered” I’m NOT going down there”. After that boy was never mentioned again. A fact that made her sisters very happy. They no longer had to make room for boy in the car, at the table or while playing. She even slept on the floor of her room, while boy slept in her bed.

What is one of your humorous vacation memories?

More questions to come. Stayed tune.


  1. These are great memories! Thank you Mom and Dad for sharing (Dad, I'm still mad at you for not getting BOY!) Love you both!

  2. Hey great blog - keep it going. That youngest daughter story of her "watching" boy jump explains a lot.