Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ouch- Planters Fasciitis

Do you know what Planters Fasciitis is? I didn’t. Not until I started having this terrible heal pain. It was especially painful when getting out of bed in the morning.  Moving hurt but the pain would get better as I moved around. Some days I feel like I am falling apart and a bout of planter fasciitis convinced me I was.  It took a few weeks of wearing these weird boots/braces at night. I suppose if one left them on all night, they would work faster. But I only managed to keep them on about four hours a night. I couldn’t sleep with them on. They aren’t very comfortable. Trips to the chiropractor helped with the pain, too. The pain is almost gone and I am back to normal, sort of. But one thing I have to do now is wear shoes every day. That is very hard for me. I have always been a barefoot kind of girl. Even when I worked for the school, I wore clogs, remember them, so that when I was sitting and working with a student, I could slip my shoes off. I did find some really comfortable, light weight shoes by SKECHERS called Go Walk 2. They are great shoes. But my feet get so hot by midafternoon, I have to take them off. Maybe after some time, I will get use to wearing them all day. I hope. And who knows, maybe I will even get use to not going barefoot in the summer. But I doubt it.

Take care,



  1. I have that condition also.It is very painful! I can only wear running shoes or wedges from now on.

  2. Oh, how awful!
    And as a barefoot girl myself, I commiserate with having to wear shoes all the time. Ick.

  3. Oh yes I am all to familiar with it.

    Wishing you all the best this new year!