Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who knew that cheese sticks could be dangerous to little ones.

All those years I did daycare, I always cut grapes in half, hot dogs were spit the long way and then sliced but I never ever came cheese sticks a thought. The kids loved them. I did too. I figured it was a healthy snack along with a some crackers and a glass of milk. But after reading this, I guess they were right up there with grapes and hot dogs.

" just read a terribly sad story about a 2 year old child who died because of a choking accident. He was eating a cheese stick when it lodged in his throat. To be honest, it never occurred to me that cheese sticks could be choking hazards. But we all know that hot dogs are a no-no for a child unless they are cut up, and cheese sticks are similar in shape to hot dogs. The cheese tends to soften once in the mouth and throat and can completely block the airway. The Hemlich maneuver is not generally effective to force the cheese out, and pulling on the cheese will just cause it to break apart or soften enough to expand even more.

From the Consumer Protection Agency: Other forbidden foods for those under 3 years of age: small pieces of hot dogs, cheese sticks/chunks, hard candy, nuts, grapes and popcorn, raw vegetables, jellybeans, raw unpeeled fruit slices, dried fruits, grapes or chunks of meat. For infants, give them soft foods that do not require chewing. Also very important is that you not let your child eat or suck on foods while lying down or playing; they should always be sitting upright when there is food in their mouth".

What you know about cheese sticks might save your child’s life.

Keep our little ones safe.

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