Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Growing up a tomboy.

My hubby and I have four daughters. All grown and very successful adults. When they were little they were "tomboys". I didn't think much of it as I was a tomboy growing up, too. Of course everyone thought it was a natural thing since I was a middle child with four brothers; two older and two younger. Oh and a whole lot of boys in the neighborhood. There were only two other girls and they definitely weren't tomboys. And didn't want anything to do with the things I liked. In fact, one was over trying to play with me and the boys, stepped on a bumble bee barefooted, got stung and was mad at me forever. Said it was my fault. Geez.

Who knew being a tomboy could be inherited. My girls could run, climb trees, catch bugs and get very dirty with the best of them. We have a big yard with lots of landscaping and it was the place to go to for a game of kick the can on a summer evening. No one worried about mosquitoes or heat stroke or falling and skinning a knee. And I think this made them strong and not just in the physical sense. They learned to hold their own no matter what the situation.  

I found this article very interesting. It reminded me of my four girls and the fun time they had growing up in small town Iowa.

Just follow the link below the picture to read the article.

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