Sunday, February 23, 2014

Life after graduation

After graduation from High School, it was time to find a job. The nuns tried to talk me into going to college. But if I went to college it would mean either going at night and working days or working nights and going to school during the day. Neither one of those appealed to me. All I could think of was a job and money for clothes. I was tired of hand me downs from cousins. I wanted my own clothes picked out by me. Sounds so material now. But at the time, it didn’t.  So job hunting it was. That was quite the ordeal for me. At that time in my life, I was so shy. Scared of my own shadow. People that know me now, find that very hard to believe. It took a few years and the purchase of a local bar by us to get over that.  Will save that for another blog entry down the road. I worked the summer before my junior year. My first job was a telemarketing job. It wasn’t called that, though. It was a bunch of us in a room with phones, making calls selling magazines. Paid so much for every subscription you sold. Well, oh shy me, even on the phone didn’t do so good and was let go. Next, was making donuts at my brother’s donut shop. Lasted all summer there. Didn’t have to wait on people, just make donuts. Besides, mom would have killed him if he had fired me. I must have made thousands of donuts that summer. To this day, I am not a big fan of cake type donuts. Will take a glazed one, tho, anytime. My first job interview for a real job was as a clerical clerk at Armour’s. I remember how scared I was that day. Almost sick to the point I almost didn’t go. But my folks wouldn’t let me do that. I walked into this huge room full of desks and young ladies. It seemed like everyone stopped working and was watching me. I was so nervous.  Needless to say, I wasn’t hired. So on to the next interview. This one at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. It went better and I was hired as a file clerk. Spent everyday filing insurance claims. I actually liked that job.The pay was decent and the gals I worked with were fun. They told me that at first they thought I was stuck up but then realized I was just very shy. I met my hubby through one of them, blind date. So it turned out to be a good move. Next week I will tell you about my first and only my blind date experience.

Hope all of you had a nice, relaxing weekend.

Have a good week.