Sunday, February 9, 2014

Topic for this week’s Question and Answer blog. Tell us about your school years.

Elementary Years

Where do I start? The only think I remember about kindergarten is Mrs. Thomas. She was a little “old” lady teacher at Robbins Hill Elementary School. And I am sure she wasn’t old but to a 5 year old she was. St. Stanislaus Elementary didn’t have kindergarten so Robbins Hill was where we had to go for kindergarten. One other event comes to mind from kindergarten days. That was winning a Pumpkin shaped cake at the cake walk at Robbins annual Fall Festival. I remember being very excited. Don’t remember if it was delicious but I do remember it looked beautiful.
I went to Stanislaus from first grade through eight. I have random memories from those days. One is when the nuns had all of us girls knee on the floor with our hands out for misbehaving during class. The practice was to come down the row of kneeling students and whack their hands with a ruler. You know, back then if one misbehaved all got the punishment. Well, the boys started laughing and the nun had them take our places and receive the punishment instead. Talk about saved by the bell, so to speak.

I remember Christmas plays and being in the classroom in the evening when it was dark outside waiting our turn to perform. It was such an eerie feeling. Almost magical.

I remember the first morning of summer vacation and lying in bed and thinking I have three full months of not going to school and loving that thought.

I remember Good Friday and spending three hours in church in the choir. And speaking of choir, I remember singing at funerals and weddings and having the families involved giving all choir members huge candy bars at the end of Mass.

I remember Hold Saturday morning and taking a serving of the Easter meal in baskets to be blessed. The church smelled so good with all the homemade polish sausage in those baskets. Agony, knowing we couldn’t taste any of it till Easter morning.

I remember the recess when a bunch of kids piled on the teeter totter, too many on each side. Some on the one side jumped off and guess whose ankle was under the falling teeter totter’s other side? Yep, mine. A couple of kids carried me 5 blocks home and I was on crutches for a week with a severe sprain. Never have liked teeter totters after that. Actually, I wasn’t fond of them before that. I was such a skinny Minnie that everyone liked to try and bounce me off. They never succeeded though. I could hang on pretty tight.

I remember a good friend stepping on a bumble bee in our yard and blaming me. We never were as good as friends after that. I remember being the only girl on our block and being able to beat all the boys when we held our “track meets”.

I can remember my two younger brothers and me building go-carts out of scrap lumber and wheels off scooters and wagons. One time we were pushing John down the driveway. He got to going pretty fast and turned towards the house to stop, we didn’t know how to make brakes, right into the basement window. Half of go cart outside, half inside hanging over my dad’s work bench. No one was hurt but we knew we were in deep trouble. I don’t think we ever got all the broken windows from our childhood paid off. My older brothers caddied at the local golf course and would bring home golf balls. We sunk veggie cans for holes, one in the front yard and one in the back yard. The object was to hit the ball from one hole to the other. Problem was, there wasn’t much space between the house and unattached garage. And the garage door had windows across the top. I am sure you can figure out the rest. None of us were a Tiger Woods.

So many memories come back as I write. But I think it is time to stop for today. Next week I will cover memories from St. Joseph High.

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p.s. Hubby isn't in to this question answer thing, but I am still working on him.

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