Thursday, July 23, 2015

Old Fashioned but pretty Balsam

My mother always grew Balsam. I always thought the flowers were pretty plus it was fun “popping" the seed pods when they appeared. So, one of the first thing I planted was a packet of Balsam seeds. Planted them on the south side of the house and they grew great. Over time the trees started to give enough shade that I had to revamp the south side flower beds. So I moved the Balsam to the north side of the house. Lo and behold, they did even better there. Balsam are sallow rooted plants, and loved the relief of some shade during hot spells. I haven’t planted Balsam in years. It comes up abundantly every year on its own. Every spring I have enough seedlings that the whole town could have plants. Thank heavens they pull out very easy, being sallow rooted, even tho I hate destroying them. And after a couple of mowings they totally disappear from the lawn. I still think they are very pretty and no I don’t pop the seed pods anymore.

Some interesting facts about Balsam:

“Balsam is a Victorian garden favorite. It is a quick growing summer annual flower, with gardenia-like blooms. Continuous blooms grow on top of a bushy plant with glossy leaves. You will get blooms in about 60-70 days. Balsam is a member of the Impatiens family. Colors include shades of white, pink, rose, violet, and red. Balsam are native to Asia, North America, and South Africa.”

or here.

Seed pod photo from

Photos of my Balsam,

If you are ever looking for a different "annual", try Balsam. They will come back year after year.

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