Friday, July 17, 2015

One heck of a hot day.

Boy is it hot.  100 degrees here in Iowa. I haven’t heard what the heat index is but I am thinking I am better off not knowing. It is one of those days when you feel sorry for those who have to work out in this heat. We are in a heat advisory until 8 pm tonight and again from 2pm to 8pm tomorrow. Here in our part of Iowa, we had 2 ½ of rain. The old rain barrel is overflowing. And the resident tree frog is loving the damp area under the deck. Gardens are flourishing. And the humidity is high. Good time to stay inside where it is cool. Hope you have air conditioning or at least fans.

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Enjoy your weekend. Stay cool if you can.


  1. Hot here in NJ too. I hate staying inside, especially after the long brutal winter we had. But, it’s just too darn hot!

  2. We had the same weather over the weekend--sweaty stuff!