Thursday, August 29, 2013

A little of this and A little of that

Today's post is just a little of this and a little of that. Mostly pictures taken the last couple of days.

This first is the sky late yesterday afternoon. The white wisps of clouds make the sky look so blue.

Our experiment with straw bale gardening as gone pretty good. We had enough beans for a couple of meals. Would have had more if I had put up fencing sooner to keep the rabbits at bay. We have had a couple of cucumbers already and more on the way. The tomatoes are finally starting to get ripe. Too much shape, I think, has slowed down the ripening process.  But even the one the rabbit ate down to a stub is doing well. Straw bale gardening takes a lot of watering especially when the temps are almost a 100 degrees.

The one the rabbit ate.

Took this as I was heading back to my nice air conditioned house.
 These hot afternoons have been a good time to work on the puzzle. I think my next one will be a 500 piece one. This one is 1000 and is rather hard.  But little by little I am making progress. And, yes, it is beginning to look like there is a piece missing. 

I guess after I get it done and glued, it will need a frame to hide the missing piece.



  1. oh, I'm gonna' love that picture when you get that puzzle finished. You've done quite a bit already!! You won't ever feel challenged by a 500 piece after you have completed this one! Sorry the bunny got some of your tomatoes!!