Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Are you Superstitious?

A friend and I were visiting the other day and superstitions came up. I never considered myself a very superstitious person but as we talked, I began to think maybe I was, a little bit. My mother was a very religious person but she was very, very superstitious. She had many and I suppose it did rub off on me. Here is a list of some of my superstitions.

Spilling salt-I never can remember which shoulder you are supposed to toss a grain so I toss one over both.
Killing a spider in the house will bring rain- This one hasn’t held true lately here in our part of Iowa.

Opening an umbrella in the house brings bad luck-During her first year of college, one of my daughters came back to her dorm room during a rainy day and found open umbrellas up and down her hallway. Well, you guessed it; she went up and down that hall closing all the umbrellas. She made Gramma proud.

Breaking a mirror brings seven years bad luck- I have broken so many mirrors, especially during my teen years, that I would have to live to be a thousand to use all those years up. Remember the mirrors in compacts of pressed powder. Somehow, those didn’t last for the life of the powder for me
Black cats crossing your path- In the past, we have had two black cats. The last one lived for 14 years. Always considered myself a fairly lucky person and I sure crossed their paths many times.

Four leaf clover brings good luck- I have carried one that I found as a child in my purse for years.

Break a bad luck spell by turning seven times in a clockwise circle-I have done this one. But, here again, I never could remember which way to turn so I do seven both ways. Works for me. But I am sure others wonder what the heck is she doing. lol

Knock on wood- This is the one I use a lot. No need to say more.

Here is a list of some I have heard of and some I haven’t. Sure don’t need to add any more to my list.

Are you superstitious? Which one do you believe in the most?


  1. I don't know if I am REALLY superstitious, but I do knock on my head if I say something like, "we haven't had any cars break down in a long time....knock on wood." Then there's never any wood around, so I use my head...meaning I'm a dummy. :)

    We also had a black cat....loved my hubby so much....that he always rubbed against the tires of his car when he would come home....which was bad luck for the cat crossing my hubby's hubby ran over him accidentally and it broke my hubby's heart...and mine, too. He had to clean the mess up before I got home...and he was crying when I got home. Bad story, I know, but saying black cats are unlucky would just mean unlucky for the cat in our circumstance.

  2. Oh my. That would have been horrible. It definitely was bad luck for the cat.

  3. I'm not really superstitious, but some we have heard so many times that it is difficult not to think of them. I have walked under ladders, for example, but I am aware of the superstition as I do it.

  4. I'm not at ALL, but I have lots of friends who are.