Saturday, August 31, 2013

More on my antique patio rocking chairs

Years ago, our house was the second house north of the school. The old house that sat between us and the school was torn down a couple of years ago. Back when my girls were little, they would wander down to the first house south of the school. An elderly couple named Mr. and Mrs. Coker lived there. I never did know their first names. The girls loved to sit and listen to tales of old. But what they loved even more were the rocking chairs that sat on the Cockers’ patio. They were huge chairs or at least they seemed to be to little girls. They would talk about how great those chairs were. After Mrs. Coker passed and Mr. Coker was going to move to be closer to family, he had an auction.  Hubby paid a dollar a piece for those two chairs. They have a wrought iron frame and are very heavy. The chairs have sat on our patio for 40 plus years, through all kinds of weather. Wind doesn’t bother them. All it does is make them rock like some invisible person was taking a break. A couple of years ago, we had to have all the boards replaced. The old blue color was gone and new boards gave them new life. I just stain them now so that there won’t be a buildup of paint. They are the best lawn chairs around. The chairs were made by someone that knew what they were doing. They are heavy but rock easy. And these chairs fit the contour of a body perfectly. I wonder sometimes just how old these two chairs are. And I bet they will go on for a lot more years to come.

Have a great holiday weekend.



  1. THey're beautiful chairs, but made even more so by the history of them. What a cool way to remember great neighbors.

  2. Two dollars for two rocking chairs! A real steal! Memories of your girls sitting and talking to Mr. and Mrs. Coker....priceless! I have memories of sitting on the front porch of our neighbors in their swing. They were Mr. and Mrs. Bonner. They gave me the first grapes I ever had with a seed in it. Wonderful memories from 52 years ago....thanks for jarring them loose!

  3. Love the story Rose and how the chairs tie in with your girls. What wonderful history.
    It looks like the seat has a nice space on which to sit. So many these days are confining.
    You got a bargain!

  4. YYes, the seats have great space. And the length is just right, too. Feet hit the ground. Some seats are so long from front to back that you need a footstool. And the backs don’t lean so far back that you sit without using them. All and All great chairs.

  5. How great to see the chairs still going strong. The have such a timeless quality to them, and their history is so interesting.