Friday, August 16, 2013

Do you like working on puzzles?

The sun is out. Haven’t seen it for a couple of days, which is a good thing. It started raining during the night Wednesday and we had almost two inches of rain by morning. It was a beautiful rain. No wind, no lightening, no hail, just nice gentle rain. And boy did we need it. And then it rained a bit more overnight and this morning to give us a tad over two inches. It is a bit cool today as it was yesterday.  Definitely feels like fall instead of the middle of August.
Yesterday, with the clouds and rain, was a perfect day to the start the puzzle I bought back in July. It was one of the things on my list “of things to do when I retire”. Boy, it is going to be a hard one. One thousand pieces, 39 x 19 inches in size. Plan on hanging  it above the table in our “new entry/puzzle room. It will be perfect there. Of course, it might be awhile.  I haven’t even got the border done. Hubby helped some this morning. That really surprised me since he made it clear that he doesn't like puzzles. He even found a few pieces. Hopefully that hooked him. I sure could use the help. I am beginning to think I should have started smaller. After all, the biggest puzzle I have put together in years has been a child’s 100 piece one.

This is how far I am.

And this is what it will look like when I am done.

When I was a kid, we always had a puzzle in progress on the dining room table. The whole family worked on it. When one was finished, another was started. Did you work puzzles as a kid? Do you still work puzzles or are you not a puzzle worker?

Have a great weekend,


  1. That will be beautiful! I like puzzles, but not if the pieces are really tiny. I think I'll get a puzzle to put together next winter.

  2. Love that picture! I worked on a 1,000 piece Mickey Mouse face puzzle back in the 80's. It took me months of working was round, as well. HARD!!! I finally finished it, but didn't know anything about gluing the pieces down and making a picture out of I just took it apart and put it back in the box....never to be put together again. Finally tossed it out. Too bad.

  3. One Christmas I started a big puzzle on our dining room table. It was taking a long time to complete, so I just used to set everything on top of it. Our friends came to stay unexpectedly, and after we had eaten they started adding pieces. Soon the four of us were sitting round doing the puzzle. Afterwards they said how much they had enjoyed it, commenting that if anyone had said they would be doing that, they would have thought they were nuts. We were all in our late twenties at the time.

  4. I loved working on puzzles as a kid and still do as an adult. I've found the secret to success, for me, is referring to the box top often. Each piece has unique features that can usually be found by in the photo on the box top. It can be maddening, though.

  5. I use the box top, too. Does help, SOME. lol

  6. What fun! I'm a puzzle FREAK! I cannot start one because it become all I'll do--they're such fun. My MIL buys me a new one every year for Christmas, which is so sweet of her.

  7. How neat! I have happy memories of doing puzzles at my grandma's house. She had a big table that always had a puzzle going on it! I haven't worked on a puzzle for so long but now I want to :)