Friday, February 8, 2013

Plants can multi-task too.

Every Thursday, our local paper, the Omaha World Herald carries the column on gardening written by JAN RIGGENBACH. This week she started her article by saying, "Multitasking isn’t just for people. Plants can do it, too.” She went on to say, "Shrubs like blueberry, for example, not only produce delicious fruit but make a great landscape plant, too." The article went on to talk about one of her favorite shrubs. It has yellow flowers, followed by red currants and smells heavenly. It sounded just like a shrub I had but never knew its name. I dug up a shoot from a neighbor when we first moved here in 1965. I love the fragrance the yellow flowers give off when they bloom in the spring. It is very strong and sweet. My hubby can even smell it and he has a terrible smeller. But I never knew the name of it. I have moved shoots from the south side of the house to the north side of the house by the kitchen window. That way I can enjoy the flowers and their perfume while working at the sink. But until yesterday, I didn't know its name. It is Crandall clove currant. My daughter has dug up shoots and planted them when they built their house. She has a very green thumb, thus a lot of Crandall clove currant. My Crandall isn't looking so pretty anymore. Old age, I suspect. But it stills blooms every spring, perfuming the air. I think it is time to have her dig me up some new shoots.

Crandall clove currant
4-6'tall x 4-6'wide (cutting propagated) Spring bloom- This intensely fragrant, fast growing heirloom selection of a native currant was originally chosen for its abundant crop of flavorful black fruit. But its clove-scented yellow spring flowers and mahogany-red fall foliage make it a plant with three seasons of garden beauty. Thrives in all but dry sand or wet clay soils. 

You can read  JAN RIGGENBACH column on Thursday's in the Omaha World Herald's Living Today section.

Can you tell I am getting anxious for spring.

Have a good weekend,


  1. with snow everywhere here I love even thinking about spring!

  2. OOO, it smells like clove! I WANT SOME!!! O am sure it will freeze again before we should plant anything, but I will have to write this one down. I love petunias because they smell like clove in the evening, so I would love this too!

  3. I've never seen that plant, but then again, it's probably not hardy that's why.

    It looks lovely, and anything scented is appealing to me.