Friday, February 1, 2013

Do the Birds Know Something We don't?????

The weathermen are talking snow tonight. Not much, just an inch. But the way the birds are feeding, it makes you wonder. The finch have been thick. Hubby filled them late this morning and I bet they are almost empty. We have a zillion finches. Well, maybe not a zillion, but we do have a lot. We have two feeders on the south side of the house and two on the north side of the house. And do we ever go through the black oil sunflower seeds. Oh, we, also, have a suet feeder for the woodpeckers. Lots of birds. The daycare kids enjoy watching them. And even the 5 month old will sit in his walker and watch all the action.

Move over, let me in.

Waiting for their turn.
The goldfinch feeders have been very busy, too. Maybe  these birds know something we don't know.  Like more than a inch of snow?

We have a lot of squirrels. Way too many squirrels. Some of the neighbors have problem with them eating porch railings and window trip etc. I think it is the lead paint in these old houses. I have read where it tastes sweet. One neighbor had them eat through an eve and make a nest in the hollow area. She had to call in pest control. After it was all said and done, they removed around 30 squirrels of all sizes. Can you image? We haven't had any of those problems, yet. They just like to get at the sunflower seeds.

Took this earlier this week, before our last snow. 

The squirrels jump from the garage roof, right on to the top of the pole that holds the feeder pictured about. Solution to the above problem? I bet NOT.  They will jump off the roof right over them.But, maybe, it will make them think. LOL

By the way, the wire going up the pole is a metal slinky. It does work. They climb up the pole, catch a hold of slinky, and slide all the way to the ground. Quite funny to watch. But we did find out, it has to be a metal one, not plastic. They love to eat plastic.

Have a good weekend.
Stay warm,


  1. That is way more entertaining than tv. Stay warm!

  2. I agree. I don't allow much T.V. in my daycare. I always tell the kids it turns brains to mush. They get a half hour in the morning till breakfast and a half hour after lunch as a time to quiet down before naps. And most of the time it is PBS.

  3. The solution to the squirrels is hilarious. You should videotape them someday...that would be great on Youtube!!!

  4. My solution didn't work. They just sale right over it. Back to the drawing board

  5. I enjoyed this. The photos are relaxing....

  6. keep that fighting spirit!! our squirrels won...we spent way too much time, $ and energy in a vain attempt at keeping them away from the bird feeders...we finally just conceeded!

  7. Holy cats your feeders are busy!
    Ugh. Squirrels. They are funny to watch, though.