Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things change and time marches on.

A fellow blogger wrote today about loosing her sunset view. I would not be happy if that happened to me. Got me thinking about the little things we take for granted. We have construction happening just to the south of us. The old school building is being converted into 34 apartments. There was a house between us and the school till a couple of years ago. It was torn down because it was in such disrepair it wasn't worth saving. That changed our view from our bay windows for the better.

This was our view after the house came down. It looked so different. We loved it.

But that view will be changing again. It already has. Work on converting the old school building began a few months ago. Big machinery runs occasionally making our quiet neighbor not so quiet. But I suspect in a few months we will look back on this time as the last of the quiet neighbor. I suppose, when all 34 apartments are filled, the traffic will pick up, along with the noise. Things change and time marches on. When we bought this house, the land behind us was pasture. It was fun to watch the cows. We tried to buy a piece of that ground from the elderly farmer that owned it but he would sell just a small piece of it and, of course, we couldn't afford the whole farm. The day came when he died and another farmer did buy the whole farm. So, now one year it is a soybean field and the next year, a corn field. But at, least, it doesn't block my sunset view the whole year. That I would not  like. So enjoy the little things in life before they are gone. Things change and time marches on.



  1. I'd love to live by a farm. That must be nice.

  2. Oh, yes, the noise....terrible. Since they began construction on this church, every single morning during the week, by 8 oclock the big machinery is working and the beep, beep, beep of them backin up or whatever they alert the others with that noise just keeps on and on and on. That will be one nice thing about them getting on with the construction. Eventually, they will have all the excavating done and the concrete poured....and I have nothing against progress....or certainly not churches....it's just that when we bought this house, we were one of three here....and there was NOTHING but farms around us. There was a two lane road that came out here...now it's 5 lanes, and nothing but car after car after semi after car....and noise....you would think we would be used to the change by now, but no, it kills me each time a new building is going up.

    I hope Heaven is quiet and peaceful and that an ocassional coyote will howl....or birds will chirp...that would be Heaven to me. :)

  3. My fingers are crossed that the changes to your neighbourhood aren't TOO radical.

  4. I hope the neighborhood is enriched by the refurbished school! A view is so important, too.