Monday, February 4, 2013

Squirrels 1 , Rose 1

Anyone know of a way to discourage squirrels from feeders? I figured we had it made with our backyard squirrel deterrent but these squirrels aren't  dumb bunnies. BUNNIES. That is another blog come spring. Back to the squirrels. We now have one that has found the square suet feeder on the south side. I can not think of anyway to stop him, other then bringing the feeder in. But the woodpeckers would not be happy with that. Any thoughts?

And to top it all off, the Cooper Hawk showed up today. He usually shows up every January when the snow cover keeps him from finding food. His favorite meal consists of small birds found at feeders. I guess he just gets tired  of the work involved with hunting in the winter. Haven't seen a bird all afternoon even tho he left awhile ago. Must be in hiding.

Take care,


  1. Hi Rose,

    I'd google how to keep squirrels away from feeders. The hawk is absolutely beautiful, oh, but I do feel for the little tweets!

    I read the post below and the slinky is interesting!

    Good luck!


  2. Sorry, don't have any ideas on how to keep the little squirrels out. They can be pesky, although cute. That hawk is gorgeous~

  3. Beautiful photo of the hawk!

    Hot peppers...stick them in everything.

  4. What about a round disk at the top of the feeder so they can't lower themselves to it? Mine is on my clothesline and they will tight-rope to it... And the pigeons! They nearly capsized it yesterday... I need to get my suet feeders out.