Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lemonade Girl Scout cookies, Oh My.

 You know, every January I decide to lose some weight. Not just to look better, but to feel better. I figure, maybe, I wouldn't have has many aches and pains if I did. But boy, it is not the time of year for that decision. Okay, maybe there isn't a really good time of the year for that decision. Anyway, it really isn't. First there is my birthday in January. Always more eating events going on. Then follow that with Super Sunday. Now we have Valentine’s Day. Hubby always gives me a box of chocolates. You can't let them go to waste. Plus, I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, right? So I eat. And who thought this was a good time of the year for Girl Scout cookies. The Girl Scout cookies we ordered came last night. Hubby ordered his usual, Peanut Butter patties and I love lemon anything. So I ordered the new Lemonade cookies. Let me tell you, are they delicious. I could eat the whole box in one sitting. But I am settling for two at a time. And, boy, that isn't an easy feat for me. 

I don't know if there is a good time to think of losing some weight but I think ,maybe, March first would be better then January first. We'll see.



  1. L-l-lemonade cookies? Oh nooooo. I love lemon everything too. Must avoid all Girl Scouts!

    Happy Hearts Day!

  2. I enjoy those thin mints. They are my favorite

  3. I know the feeling Rose. The eating starting back in November with Hubby's birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, daughter's birthday and our anniversary one day, granddaughter's birthday the next and fnally mine today. I KNOW how you feel.
    Oh, did I mention my daughter is a Girl Scout Leader. Yep, we have cookies out the ying-yang!
    Let's see, Easter will be in March, my other granddaughter's birthday in April, my Mom's in May - I think diet time will have to be, at the earliest, June! :)

  4. I find that if I say I'm going to try to lose weight, I usually find more weight. lol It's like my body says, "You're going to deprive me? Oh,no you're not!" So I just go ahead and buy candy and cake and whatever I want, but I just try not to eat it EVERY day and try to limit myself, like you did, to just one piece of candy (the small bars), or a thin slice of cake. That way, I don't feel like I am depriving myself. I only do this to make my doctor less unhappy with me. lol

    My mom is thin...always has been...and she is 78...and has aches and pains anyway. So thin is not the answer to less aches and pains...I think getting up and moving around is more of the answer. Once she stopped going for walks with my dad (he died 5 years ago), she stopped going for walks.

  5. To top it off, our daycare kids gave each of us a heart box of candy, that makes three boxes of candy in the house. lol Plus we went out with friends last night for Valentine's Day. Had a wonderful meal, complete with dessert, and came home stuffed. Tonight is the first Fish fry of lent and so a few friends and us are going to check one out. And we have been invited to friends on Sunday afternoon. I think it is hopeless. Will just have to try not to over eat and limit myself to one beer. lol Should be a fun weekend.

  6. My oldest cannot wait for the lemonade cookies--he loves anything lemony.

  7. It is so difficult to lose weight anymore. I am peri-menopausal, and weight is gathering around my middle where it didn't before... Such a pain!

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