Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Haven't thought about parakeets in years.

A fellow blogger,, talked about their new addition to the family, a parakeet. Haven't thought about parakeets in years.  Her blog reminded me of my Aunt Sadie and her parakeets. She loved those birds. I hated going to her house as a child. There was always  a parakeet flying around. My dad had loss all his hair early and it seemed like every time we were there, one of her parakeets would land on his head and peck. That didn't help my fear of those birds. My mother wasn't very fond of them either. She would tell my Aunt, that if she didn’t put those birds in their cage, we would leave. My mother was a very talented lady. She could sew any article of clothing without a pattern. Aunt Sadie was always trying to do what her big sister could do. But never did manage to sew anything without my mother fixing it. Well, one day, Aunt Sadie called, crying hysterically. She was attempting yet another sewing project when one of her parakeets flew into the path of the feeder foot of her sewing machine. My dad had to go over and take the bird, fabric and Aunt Sadie to the vet.  Bird and Aunt Sadie survived the experience but after that she would put the birds in their cage with she was going to tackle another sewing project.

One of the good things about blogging is that it brings back memories that were long forgotten. What fun. 



  1. I would be horrified if I sewed up my parakeet with my sewing machine! I had a parakeet when I was a little girl. It got out of the cage, then out of the door one day...and we never saw it again.

  2. I'd never want a bird for a pet! But I like them fine outside in nature where they belong;)

  3. I grew up with a succession of budgies in my life...and I think I was blessed to have them.

    We had one called Peter, and he would sing his name over and over, he died after 13 years...a good bird life.

    Now however I wouldn't dare have one, because of my I enjoy the birds outside in the feeders.

    Great memory post, I could imagine that you would be afraid.