Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring has sprung

I think spring has finally arrived in Iowa. Or at least it is trying harder. This is the view out my sunroom this morning. So beautiful. 

When I stepped out to try and capture that beauty, I was greeted by singing birds. They were enjoying the sunrise, too. I don’t get to see many sunrises from my sunroom. During the winter it is cloudy most days and in late spring till fall, the leaves on the trees block my view. But I am thankful for those leaves. They keep our house cool and most summers, we don’t have to us the A.C. a lot.

Take time to enjoy the beauty around you.



  1. I've driven through Iowa as a kid when we would drive back east. I always thought it was so pretty and smelled really fresh and...farmy. But I like that smell. Now this was back in the 60's and 70's. It was mostly farms and small towns. I guess now it's all built up like everywhere else.

  2. Lovely, even if it's only a few months out of the year! Happy Easter to you and your family!