Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oh my, they are back.

Finally took the snowmen wreaths off the doors. One reason, spring is about here. Or so the calendar says. Still plenty of snow on the ground and it has turned cold again. Another reason, the robins are back. Last week’s snow didn’t scare them off. I know they are the harbinger of spring but for me they are the harbinger of other things. I find them a bit of a nuisance. Did you know that robins will make their nests just about anywhere? They particularly love the wreaths on my doors.  Last year I had to take down a nest a few times each day. Robins are very determined birds. And did you know they will dive at you as you are taking down those nests. I now hang wrought iron type wreaths. The one on the front door say’s WELCOME and the one on the back door has birds and bells. Nothing to attach a nest to.

But you know what the enterprising robins did last year after I took down their nest various times? Decided the top of the light fixture was a good place. Mud and sticks and long pieces of grass everywhere. So I wrapped mesh screening on the fixture and that worked. Let it up for this year. But now those robins have found the suet feeder and have decided that it is very tasty. So now, between the squirrels and robins on the suet feeder, the woodpeckers hardly get a change to eat. You would think with their long beaks they could take care of the problem themselves. 

Have a relaxing weekend.


  1. Tell your robins to come to Texas. Print them up little maps off Google earth and pass them out, then give them a send off meal...I'll take them down here.

    I love your wreath with the birds. That's very different!

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  3. I wish I could send them to you. Don't you have robins in Texas?

  4. They are aggressive birds, but I still like them!