Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trapped in the kitchen

I will be spending my day off in the kitchen. No, I won’t be cooking. I will be stuck there because the carpets are being cleaned today. Hubby thought we should get new carpet but I didn't  want the hassle of cleaning out two rooms full of furniture. I figured it would be a bit easier to have them cleaned and then decide if we can get by or replace them come fall. Well, a bit easier is the key phrase. Emptying the living room of all but the heavy pieces was a bit more time consuming then I realized. I have a lot of stuff. Four side tables and one coffee table, none of them light as feathers. Plus a couple of big plants, three lamps and a stereo. Oh my. I am thinking some of that might not make it back in. Thank goodness we have a sunroom to put things in. We had planned on spending the day there, too. But Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. This morning we going to empty the toy room. We figured while we had the carpet guy here, we just as well have the toy room cleaned. That should be fun. Wonder what “missing” toys I will find when I start moving things. I have a couple of hours before he gets here. I should get busy but I decided to enjoy at least a part of this day in peace and quiet. We all know that having carpets cleaned isn’t quiet.



  1. I really need new carpet but we'll be painting soon and after all of that, we'll just clean it like you. Have fun "cooking." lol

  2. Hope you are released soon... L

  3. That is exactly why I laid my own carpet squares. I didn't have to move furniture very far and I did it at my own pace.