Thursday, March 21, 2013

Time in kitchen-not so bad.

The carpet cleaning yesterday took a little over three hours. The fellow was done around 1:00. Two things, actually three good things about the morning, the carpet looks great, I got some work done on items for my TPT store and we went out for lunch. We had the room back together by 6, in time to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play in the NIT tournament. And they won. So, all and all a very good day. And the carpet looks so good. I think we can put off new carpet for a while longer. But for some reason, the day made me tired. I think part of it was sitting around so much and part of it was the work of putting the house back together. I always seem to work harder on days when the daycare kids aren’t here. NCAA tournament starts this morning at 11, and in case you haven’t noticed, I am big college basketball fan. I think I will spend the afternoon watching basketball.



  1. Enjoy your afternoon! (and I love that photo of your house.)♥

  2. I'm glad your team won! And fresh clean carpets are such a nice way to start Spring! Sweet hugs!