Monday, March 11, 2013

Wonder where the Robins went.

Some robins made their way back to Iowa last week. We all thought it was a sure sign of spring. The temperature on Saturday was in the 50’s. A bit rainy but warm. Spring was here. Wrong. Yesterday started out with more rain but the temps were in the 40’s. Forecasters were saying rain all day, maybe mixed with a few flurries. Nothing to worry about. Boy, were they wrong, AGAIN. This morning we have 8 inches + of flurries on the ground, drifts everywhere. The wind blew all night reaching gusts in the 40’s. Interstate 80 was closed, along with 1-29. Many multiple car/truck accidents. We are a very small town, 680 people, and one mile off 1-80. At our interchange, we have two small restaurants and a one 12 room motel. It was at our exit where they closed the interstate, making people get off the interstate. No room in the inn. Our community building opened up with cots, food bought in my members of the community, along with cards, games etc. We did luck out and never lost power. The community building does have a generator to use if needed. All schools are closed in the area. No morning paper. It comes via truck from the city. And I have a day off. My daycare family lives on a farm so on snow days, they get to spent it at home. Best place to be in this kind of weather. Wonder where the robins went.


Bunny enjoy my bush for breakfast.

View from my kitchen window.

Drift higher then the bird bath.

Drifts on the roof of the house next door.


  1. Wow, our backyards look almost identical! I'm so ready to trade in those snowdrifts for daffodils!! Have a great Monday. :-)

  2. Mercy me! That's a lot of snow. The robins are all here, just so you know. :) Hope they find you again really soon.

  3. Wow, what a surprise, huh? Maybe this will be ya'lls last snowfall, I hope. Sending warm thoughts your way!!!

  4. Years ago I told myself winter lasts until April. It helps me to have lower expectations for March.