Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun packed weekend.

We had our family Christmas this past weekend. It was a wonderful time. Lots of laughs and lots of food. Always fun to spend a weekend with our four daughters, their husbands and all 13 grandkids plus a grandkid to be. We have a granddaughter getting married in June 2013. Every year, up to this year, we have rented 5 rooms at the motel, for the Saturday night of our family weekend. But now that the kids are all older (11 the youngest and 23 the oldest) they aren't as interested in a weekend with a pool. So this year we had it at Daughter no 2’s house. She has a big house with a kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and an all season room so we knew there would be room for all of us. We had a couple of extras people this year. Our No. 3 Daughter received her Doctorate this past Saturday. Her in-laws came for the ceremony, too.  So we had a double celebration. We went to the ceremony in the morning, had lunch after at the No 2 daughters house, opened gifts in the afternoon and in the evening all of us invaded the bowling alley/pool room. Hubby and I didn't bowl but it was fun to watch. Hubby loves to shoot pool and he had a few kids join him in the pool room. It was a fun time for all. Then it was back to the Daughters house for more food and fun. We had a hotel room and, boy was I glad. It was nice to leave around 10. We knew they all would stay up lots later doing their thing. And we were right.  We love them all dearly but we were ready for some quiet.  It was a bit hectic in the morning, but most of us did make it to church on time.

 Hope all of you have as much fun as we did at our Christmas weekend. 


  1. Sounds like you all know how to have a good time! We also had my hubby's families Christmas gathering and we had a great time, as well. I wish we had been at the bowling alley with a game room attached. The young people would have had a much better time!

  2. It was fun. I think the key is to have something for the young people. Otherwise, they lose interest in family gatherings. Next year, we want to find an indoor miniature golf course. Wouldn't that be fun?