Thursday, December 27, 2012

OH NO, where did he go?????

I was catching up on the newspapers yesterday. Didn't get them read over the holiday. This one reminded me of some our family Christmases. With 13 grandkids and 10 adults sometimes we had quite the mountain of wrapping paper.

Have  a good day.


  1. wow, thats alot of paper, have a wonderful New Year!!

  2. lol....we have learned to have one person open a present at a time and then one person goes around and picks up all the paper from each gift as it's opened....otherwise, we would be losing kids, too.

    1. We do the same - one gift at a time. Works especially good when there aren't that many to begin with. Totally S-t-r-e-t-h-e-s the whole event. :-)

  3. We do, do one gift at a time. Around the circle. And a son-in-law is usually right there with a garbage bag. So, we never have lost a child. Besides it makes gift opening last longer. Otherwise, it is over in a matter of