Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not fit for man or beast!

Welcome old man Winter. The blizzard arrived as scheduled. The weathermen predicted it would start snowing around 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon and it did. Actually, it was 2:55. Early. I wouldn’t have cared if it didn’t come at all. My yardstick measured 10 ¼ inches of snow. And the winds have and are still blowing in the 35-40 mph range.  Roads are closed, travel not recommended. The Blizzard warning is in effect till noon today.  Wish the wind would go down. The last Blizzard we had was Christmas Eve 2009 and we lost power for 8 hours. Our house got down to 40 degrees. Let me tell, you 40 degrees indoors when the wind chill outside is 20 below zero isn’t much fun. We borrowed a friend’s four wheel drive work pickup, he owns two, and headed for a motel. Roads were being closed behind us as we headed to the city. Our lights just blinked. Hope that isn’t a sign of things to come. And the birds are huddling as close to the house for warmth. No feeding them for now. I had six pair of cardinals fighting for food before dark last night. Along with a lot of other birds. I think they knew what was coming.

Me and my big mouth. Just as I finished writing this and was going to insert pictures the power went out. For 2 hours. It got down to 58. A bit chilly. Hope that is the end of power outages for this winter.

Patio picture taken in the dark at 10 p.m. Other patio picture at daylight this morning.

Never had so many cardinals at the feeders at one time.

               Stay warm and stay safe. And those of you in warm climates, think of us that aren't.

P.S.  Check out my daughters blog today. It is very interesting and has a lot of fun activities for kids on these snowy days.


  1. Oh, you have a fireplace or a propane heater? Bless your heart! Stay warm!!!

  2. Nope, neither. One of my daughters thinks we should buy a generator. But, this doesn't happen that often. We just add more clothes and sit under blankets. And pray it doesn't last too long. If it does, the town opens a shelter at the Community Building that does have a generator for such emergencies.

  3. Nice job getting a photo of those birds! Say warm...being too cold is scary stuff.

  4. I know the snow is difficult to deal with, but the pictures are magnificent! Living in Southeast Texas, we had 77 high on Tuesday but by Thursday morning we had 40! It's crazy here because you never know what to wear outside!

    I hope your power stays on and it clears a little for Christmas.


  5. Lovely snow shots - and LOVE your cardinals!