Thursday, December 6, 2012

Have you ever cooked/baked with Lavender?

This morning, while checking my twitter account, I noticed a tweet about culinary Lavender. Never knew there was such a thing. Decided to check it out on Swagbucks. As I figured it is dried edible lavender flowers.  The first site went on about making sure you used safe Lavender, free from pesticides and chemicals. That made sense. I wouldn’t want to make anyone sick or worse, dead. It said that some Lavender is better suited for cough drops, some salads, cookies or tea. “A bundle added to the grill to smoke meats adds a lovely flavor”. Now I was curious. I wanted to know what it tastes like. So, on with the hunt.  

Here are a couple of answers I found.
You can substitute lavender for thyme or marjoram.
A sweet flavor with just a touch of citrus.

 But the best answer I found was this:
“At first bite, lavender tastes exactly like it smells: a little bit like evergreen, a little bit like  mint, a little bit like rosemary and a little bit like flowers -- spicy flowers. Lavender is surprisingly peppery.”

You can read more about it here.

Found recipes here:

I used to grow lavender. I think I will plant some come spring.

Have you ever cooked with Lavender? Did you like the taste?
Let me know, please.

Take care.


  1. how interesting! I have never seen a recipe with lavender and I do not think I ever tasted it learning something new though! thanks!

  2. I haven't cooked with it myself, but I have had lavender shortbread and lavender ice-cream, and both were delicious.
    (as I was typing this I got an alert to say you had just left a comment on my blog, lol)

  3. I haven't and would like to grow some too, but never had any luck with it.


  4. I had a huge plant one time, but I planted too many trees and lost my sunny garden. I didn't think about the plants I would lose. I now have a sunny garden out back where my vegetable garden once was. And I am going to try again.

  5. Haven't cooked with it.......yet. I do love lavender tea though!

    1. Maybe I will start with tea. I like hot tea in the winter.

  6. Have never eaten it or even heard of eating it...but it sure is a pretty flower!

    1. I am with you LTD. I never knew you could cook with it.

  7. can't say i've ever tried it! like the smell, though.

    thanks for finding my place and leaving a comment this week! really appreciate it!

  8. Seriously? Lavender? how does it taste? I'm pretty curious about this!