Monday, December 10, 2012

Things that go 'bang' in the night.

What a night. The wind blew all day yesterday and most of the night. One of the things about old houses, something always rattles or bangs during winding nights. Another thing about our house, when the wind is in the North, it is super warm in here. In fact, our bedroom is like a sauna.Way too hot for a good night sleep. When the winds are in the South, it is cold in here.  Winds, out of the North, gusting to 40 miles a hour, something banging in the night and a hubby still coughing, made for one short night. I am tired. This could be a long day.

It is 3 above zero with the wind chill minus 15. Here is the view out our sunroom this morning. Don't think we will be using that room for a while.

Have a good Monday and if you are where the weather is cold, stay warm. I am hoping I can stay in all day. 


  1. We had a huge old house in the country before we moved to the city 6 years ago, to a smaller old house. I remember the creaks and bangs in the night! Funny, it is plus 4 degrees here today, but that is celcius which is balmy compared to your temps, 34f I think. Stay warm.

  2. Yeah, I don't think I'd want to sit in the sun room today. lol We got over a foot of snow yesterday/last night. It's a winter wonderland for sure, but nice to stay indoors by the fire. I know what you mean about old houses and their creaks and groans. :-)

  3. One consolation, it looks pretty in your sun room! I hope you have a better night tonight.

  4. oh those so pretty!..maybe they are worth those cold temps...
    hope you have a quiet uneventful night tonight!

  5. It's been mighty cold here too! Hope you get to stay inside, drink a cuppa something warm, and maybe take a little nap! :)

    1. I like your thinking. Especially, the nap part.

  6. Once I heard a loud bang in the night, got up to see what it was....found nothing until I went back into our room. The big picture over our bed had fallen off the nail and slid down to the floor behing our headboard. I was sure glad it didn't hit us in the head. lol

    Get a cup of warm cocoa....and take a warm bath....that'll help you sleep. And you will be glad your room is warm when you just get out of the tub. lol

  7. That is colder than I can imagine right now! The ice crystals are pretty...the photo is pretty! Stay warm and I hope you get some rest! Happy holidays!