Thursday, January 3, 2013

Annoying word/phrases from the past

I was reading this article on Yahoo this morning and got me thinking about
“annoying words” of the past.The first one that came to my mind was “really”  Here are a few more words/ phrases I found from past years: 90’s-clueless, don’t go there, get over it, get a room, know what I mean, NOT, not so much, snap, old school, yadda yadda yadda,  80’s-bad, No duh, take a chill pill, gag me with a spoon, totally, I’m so sure,70’s- can you dig it, dream on, don't Be Such A 'spaz, far out, that’s sick, keep on truckin, awesome, 60’s- be there or be square, bummer, boss, buzz off, busted, catch my drift, copacetic, dy-no-mite, Chinese fire drill, church key, cruising, dibs, don’t have a cow, fuzz, hang loose, hip, later, pedal pushers, right on, shades, slug bug, square, zits, 

As you can see, a lot of them are still in use.  And a lot of them, I still use. For example: bummer, zits, not so much, to name a few. And every once in a while, yadda yadda yadda, sneaks in. I was a big Seinfeld fan.

Are there any you still use?

Yahoo-So you find certain words annoying? Whatever


  1. Oh my, you hit on a number of my personal peeves...whatever being the worst offender!

    Hope you're feeling better, keeping warm, and that your New Year is off to a great start!

    1. Whatever makes me cringe. I dislike it, too. We are feeling good now and keeping warm. It is suppose to get to 16 today. Staying inside is the order of the day.

  2. A work phrase that drives me crazy : Going Forward. It is so overused! There are more but I can't think of them right now...

    In the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" they were always saying "Hee-Haw" that would drive me mad too.

    Happy New Year!

    Lois from Ontario

    1. Yes, "hee-haw' would definitely drive a person nuts. lol

  3. Wow groovy. :-)

    The current new buzz word "EPIC" drives me batty.

    I guess I am an old throwback - I still use some old slang on occasion: bummer, zits, right-on, busted, can you dig it, don’t go there, get over it, get a room, and being from California the classic, "gag me with a spoon" and "Totally." I usually use that on my adult children to bug them.

    I will now be more aware of what and how much I do use. Never thought of it before.

  4. Haaa! There are actually phrases that I use with only certain people. A friend and I always answer "Whazzz Up?" when we call eachother. Kind of fun. Our own little handshake.

    You brought a smile to my otherwise boring day!