Wednesday, January 16, 2013

They're back.

The computer gremlins are back. But this time they attacked my printer and me.  I was making cards and printing and all was well. I went to print “happy birthday” and that is when they attacked. Flashing screen, telling me to load paper. Well, there was plenty of paper in the printer, so I knew that wasn’t the problem. I took the paper out and put in back and hit okay. Another flashing screen telling me there was a paper jam. It hadn’t even printed anything, so how can there be a paper jam. I pressed the “cancel printing button. And got a message saying the printer was busy. I thought, it is busy alright, giving me false messages. You know, I never have liked this printer and I think it knew it. Finally got it to stop with the messages and tried again to print “happy birthday”. Two simple words. Nope. Flashing screen again. Paper Jam. Decided I better check to make sure I was right and not the printer. Took off the trap door on the back and I was right. No paper jam. Do you think I could get that darn little door back on? Nope. And then the cord fell behind the desk and it is an office desk that one would use as a reception’s desk. You know the kind that has a front that goes all the way to the floor. I was not having any fun. I was trying to get the cord from behind the desk, hit my head on the shelves that sit above my desk, dropped that little trap door and a piece broke off of it. Now what? Simple. Get out my trusty roll of duct tape. Did a little tape job and figured I was good to go. Nope. Apparently that little door helps feed the paper to the printer. Bummer. I put everything away for the day and spent the next two hours researching printers. My new printer, scanner and copier should be here on Friday. And I sure hope it is as easy as this one was to hook up. And I hope the gremlins have had their fun and move on. Never a dull moment

Take care,


  1. Well I was laughing along with you until you hit your head....ouch! I feel for you...hate when the electronics become possessed! Or even worse, get a virus or a worm....evil in technology! Hope your new one is a gem and gives you years and years of pleasure!

  2. Uh oh for the rest of us, the Gremlins are on the loose!

  3. Just wanted to say, the new printer is great. Hook up was very easy. I now can scan. I never could get that other one to scan. And this one is so quiet. Doesn't sound like it is taking off like the old one. All and all, I think it is a keeper.