Monday, January 28, 2013

Who killed J.R back on again?

Finally had a moment to read today's paper. Same O stuff there. But I did read an article titled "Dallas returns for second season with J.R. Ewing’s Final schemes". I watched that some back in the late 70's and the final in 1980. Tonight is the 2 hour premiere of another season. I don't watch a whole lot of TV. I do like the CSI type shows and college sports, especially, football, basketball and volleyball. I would say I mostly watch sports. Oh and I like the Discovery channel and HGTV.  I don't think I will watch Dallas tonight. The last serial show we got hooked on was Desperate Housewives. I find those shows aggravating and a bit predictable. What do you think? Did you watch “Dallas” back in the day? Will you watch this new version?

And if is as foggy where you are as it is here, stay put.


  1. We watched Dallas religiously in the beginning. By the time J.R. got shot, we were't watching every week anymore. I got tired of the same old thing. I prefer comedy to drama. I do like stories that have uplifting endings. I hate to be sitting there afterwards and wonder why I just spent an hour or two watching something that made me feel depressed. That's one reason I never watch horror anymore. I loved a good old fashioned vampire movie back in the day...but the horror these days is preverted....and about ten years ago I watched the reality crime shows...and started feeling like everybody I met was a murderer, so I stopped watching them. It's amazing how your outlook on life changes when you stop watching trash and start soaking up God's blessings instead. Just truly amazing.

  2. I used to watch it religiously- addicted to it! Now, though, I am like you and don't watch much tv, so probably won't tune in. Be safe up there~

  3. I remember Dallas...and I know who shot JR!