Monday, January 7, 2013

Outdoor skating-Brrrr.........

Read in today’s paper that outdoor skating rink in Omaha is closing for the season. It is just open over the holidays. What a shame it doesn’t stay open longer. There are indoor ice skating rinks in the city but they don’t compare to skating outside. Skating was a big thing in Omaha back in the 50’s and 60’s. My dad would freeze a large portion of our back yard and had put flood lights on the back of the house so we could skate after dark. All the neighbor kids would skate till called to come home for supper. The older boys would play hockey on the street out front. When we got older and better skaters, and thought we would be in the Olympics if we had more space to practice, we would go skating at the original Deer Park pond at Riverview Park, complete with warming shack. 

 A group of kids would gather on Saturday or Sunday afternoons with their shovels, if it had snowed. Had to clear off the snow before you could skate.  But what fun. We had lots of space to practice our figure eights (remember them in the Olympics) and spins. And, of course, the races to see who was the fastest. We did, finally, start going to the indoor rinks when we realized we didn’t have to shovel snow and didn’t have to wear all those winter clothes. Those were the days.  Now I worry about staying warm and accidentally slipping on the ice. 

Oh how I wish my body could handle a spin on a skating rink now.


Actually, the pond is still there. But now it is called The Henry Dooley Zoo. One of the best in the nation/world. The Pond has an island, now called Monkey Island, with lots of monkeys in the summer months. And the pond is full of Koi


  1. What a beautiful post and precious memories! Growing up in Georgia, I never learned to ice skate. John grew up in MI and played on the ice all winter when he was a kid!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Mom! Something I don't think I knew... <3

  3. Such lovely memories Rose, thanks so much for sharing!

    We didn't ice skate but you couldn't beat us for sledding.

  4. Bummer that they close it before winter is over!
    In Green Bay they installed a synthetic ice rink surface that can be used year-round. Kind of cool.

  5. I've only ice skated one time in my whole life - inside rink and I couldn't stand in them. It was pathetic. Living in San Francisco and the coast, I just wasn't raised in the snow or ice. Plus, its just too doggone cold!

  6. In Toronto there were many back-yard rinks and rinks in parks too. Now we are lucky if it is cold enough to keep the ice frozen. I think that it's an insurance thing in the cities now, in case someone falls. I went skating with my youngest when he was in kindergarten, it was the first time in over 30 years! I'm glad I didn't fall too much.