Friday, January 25, 2013

What a Wonderful Way to start the day.

Today, started out as just another day. Until I got a phone call from a neighbor on the other side of the school yard. A Bald Eagle decided to visit our town. Don’t know if he was looking for something different for breakfast, was lost or was just bored and decided to check out new places. I get that way some days, just wanting to check out new places. Anyway, what a wonderful way to start the day and the weekend. I have been taking pictures of birds in my part of the world for many years. But this is the first time I was able to take one of a bald Eagle. There he was, just sitting in the tree in the empty lot next to us, checking out the area. I grabbed my camera, and I was wishing my coat, and out the door I went. I was so excited about being this close to a bald Eagle, that I didn’t even notice it was only 11 above. 

                   Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh, that's something I have never seen in person. You were lucky and what a friend to call you and let you know! I'd have to hug her!!! I wouldn't have noticed the temperature, either!

  2. What a wonderful, if slightly belated, birthday gift!

  3. Isn't that fun! We have a number of them around here, nesting along the rivers. It's still a very exciting thing to see them - so majestic!