Monday, November 5, 2012

YUCK!. What's that smell

Another skunk in the live trap. Yes, skunk. My hubby keeps his live trap, un-baited, behind our shed. He has caught various critters this summer. Skunks, raccoons, one mommy opossum with her babies, squirrels, cats and even robins. Now, why would all these critters go into a trap with no bait is beyond me. One time we had a woodchuck digging around our fountain so he baited the trap trying to catch it. Do you think it would go in the trap. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. But leave it open, behind the shed with no bait and it is a mean machine. Except for rabbits. They must be smarter than the rest of our local critters. Never has he caught one of them. He takes his trap, critter and all, out to the country and lets them go. I say he is catching the same critters over and over again.heehee So, later today, he will put a blanket over the trap and take the skunk for a ride. The blanket keeps the skunk from spraying. I don’t know why. Either they don’t spray what they can’t see or, my opinion, they don’t spray in confined areas, because they don’t want to sit in their own stink. I keep telling him not to count his luck.,tho.  One day it might not work. He had planned on closing the trap for the winter but just hadn’t got around to it. Hopefully, now he will.


  1. Ha - another skunk! Are YOU brave enough to show us a picture? :)

  2. No,Not brave at all. I am not taking the blanket off. Besides, he already took a ride to the country.