Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dear old aunt

I decided this morning, to get the kitchen and bathroom floor scrubbed. With daycare in my home, this is something I need to do every week. But, there are those weeks when I do a better job of putting it off, than it takes me to get the job done.  But you know how one project leads to another. I live in a house that started out as two rooms in the 1800's and grew to a 5 bedroom house. Love it and all its antique features. Even the 6  panel antique doors. But, those corners in them can really gather dust. So I decided to wash them since  I was in a cleaning mode. And that reminded me of one of my aunts. Every time she would come, she would comment on how clean the doors were, even tho I had kids rounding around. To this day, when I wash them, I find myself thinking of that dear old aunt. Makes the job a bit easier.

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