Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yum. Homemade noodles

Nov. 6
Yesterday was a chilly day in Iowa. Stayed cloudy and dreary all day, never getting above 48 degrees. A perfect day for homemade chicken noodle soup.  My chicken soup has always been a hit in my daycare. I have always wondered if it because it is so good or if it is because the kids love  to help make the noodles. I have bought noodles since we have been married. Take that back, one time when feeling lazy, I bought some and everyone agreed that the soup wasn’t near as good. I think they are just spoiled. Anyway, it was a good day for soup . And since I have never figured out how to make smaller pots of soup, I don’t have to cook today. No matter what kind I make, I always make way more than we need. But it sure makes the next few meals easy. Nothing hard about reheating leftovers.
My helper

Our homemade noodles drying

Here is my recipe for  noodles.
3-4 eggs
Flour –3-4 cups.
Salt- I would suggest around a ¾ tsp per egg

Add flour till you have a soft dough that rolls out easy. I am lucky to have a noodle press ( a gift from a daycare family many years ago) that I use. But if you don’t, just roll out your dough on a floured counter till it is paper thin,. Dust dough with flour than roll up a sheet of dough like a jelly roll (forming a spiral) then cut into noodle widths using a very sharp knife. Unroll  and let dry till ready to cook.. To cook, drop them in your soup and cook till done. Very easy. Enjoy

Don’t forget today is Election Day 2012 and cast your vote.. Not sure how we could forget with all the phone calls and TV ads. 

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