Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Iowa Eagles

Just about everyone here in Iowa has heard of the Decorah Eagles. Their nest is 80 ft up in a cottonwood tree, above a fish hatchery in Decorah Iowa. The Decorah Eagles have been a pair since 2007. They have fledged 14 eaglets since then. We have been very fortunate to have the Decorah Eagles live cam program. The Decorah Eagle cam went worldwide in 2011 and has had over 250 million viewers in almost 200 countries. It is very popular with school kids world over. My daycare kids love watching the eagles, from the time the eggs hatch till the eaglets fledge. Sure hope the Eagles choose the old nest over the new one.

Mom and Dad

“Oct 26, 2012: The Decorah Eagles Have Surprised Us With A New Nest.
In addition to working on their nest, the Decorah Eagles have begun building and alternate nest. Multiple nest building is fairly common among Bald Eagles and we don’t yet know which nest they will choose for 2013. We absolutely cannot install cameras at the new nest tree this year, so we may not see the Decorah Eagles for the rest of the 2012-2013 season. We’ll miss watching them online, but it is exciting to see them building their new nest. Once again, Mom and Dad are giving us fresh insights into the lives of bald eagles! Stay tuned for updates and information as the season progresses. If the eagles choose the new nest, we will post mages and possibly video to facebook and our blog”

This is a very interesting documentary on the lives of the Decorah Eagles.

PBS Documentary of Decorah Eagle


  1. We've watched the Decorah eagles too! And we visited Decorah with friends this autumn. Spent a day at Seedsavers and the Norwegian museum. What a pretty town.

    We had two bald eagles in our pine tree last summer and often have an eagle the stops for a few minutes at the top of one of our pines to take a look out over the fields. :-)

  2. I hope to make it to Decorah next spring or summer. Number 3 and number 4 daughters don't live far from there. I would love to have a bald eagle in the neighbor.

  3. Many schools have server problems with all the classrooms watching the eagles. ;) We had to schedule times for buildings to view. It is an amazing site!