Sunday, November 11, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside.

Another weekend is about to come to an end. The weather men were sure right about the change in the weather. It was 26 when we got up this morning. We had a half inch of rain over night and with those temps it turned to ice. Streets were a little slick. Our west kitchen windows were iced over. The sun did come out midday but it didn't help the temperatures much. The high was 29 and windy. Brrrr. Didn't even step outside once. Way too early for this kind of weather.

Some good friends of ours were pasting through, heading to the city, and stopped for coffee early this morning. I did manage to get up early enough to make some muffins to serve with coffee. It was fun visiting with them. Other than that, we spend a lazy Sunday watching football and playing on the computer. Nothing too exciting. But that’s okay. Everyone needs a day like that once in awhile.

I did find enough ambition to come up with an ABC project for the three year old to do tomorrow. With this kind of weather, I like to have table projects for her. She loves it, too, especially if it involves glue sticks.  I am not a fan of parking the daycare kids in front of the TV when we can’t go outside.  So, table play it is. And reading books. That is always a hit.

Have a great Monday.

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  1. Hi Rose,

    It's getting cold in my part of the world too. I'm going to have to look and see where you are from. I love your little home! It looks so nice and cozy.

    Thanks for visiting me. I do have a lot of great childhood memories!