Friday, November 23, 2012

Too Windy for Me

Dinner was at number 1 daughters this year.  The daughters rotate so it at a different daughter's every year. Daughter number 1 lives in rural Iowa, about a half hour drive from Des Moines. 

It is about a 2 hour drive for us. Almost all interstate, so it is a pretty easy drive till you reach D.M. Then the traffic can get heavy.

Des Moines is the state capitol of Iowa. It has a very impressive capitol building. Yes, that is real gold on the Dome of the Capitol building.. 

This year the weather was warm, with temperatures in uppers 60’s. But so very windy. Daughters and I had planned to take a walk after dinner instead of sitting around .But the winds changed those plans. They sat on the deck enjoying the warmth of the sun and the scenery. I stayed inside, I hate wind.

Iowa is so windy most of year that a lot of wind farms have sprung up. There are a couple of pretty good size ones not far from our town. I find them very fascinating.  Love watching them spin.

It was a very relaxing Thanksgiving. Lots of visiting, some football watching and lots of laughs. A very good Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


  1. Hi Rose,

    It sounds like your Thanksgiving was nice despite the wind! We get terrible winds here too and I just hate it. Luckily our temperatures have been a little on the above normal side but our snow/rain levels are terrible. It's going to be a bone dry spring and summer here.


  2. We are bone dry, too. Last year we had so much rain it caused flooding that effected several states. This year it is so dry that it is effecting several states. Even threatening barge traffic on one of our major rivers. Wind sure doesn't help.