Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Have you ever had a night, when you are tired, but you can’t stop the wheels from rolling? I am having one of those nights. Too many irons in the fire and the days seem to fly.  It seems to happen to me every year at this time.  Of course, hubby is asleep and in great form, sound wise.

We have our family Christmas in the middle of December this year and I think I just realized that is just a month away. I have a few little things bought and some ideas but that is about as far as it goes. I think I am going to try and put all the Christmas things on the back burner till after Thanksgiving. And relax. And get serious the week after. We are going to daughter number 1 for Thanksgiving. Daughter number 3 and family, and Daughter number 4 and family will be there. This is the first year in a long time that all of us won’t be together for Thanksgiving. Daughter number 2 and family aren’t able to make it this year.  If all goes well, all 24 of us will be together for Christmas.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, many years ago, I wanted a Thanksgiving center piece for my coffee table that would hold up to daycare in my home. And do you remember when the plastic canvas crafts were the rage. Well, I made this turkey out of plastic canvas.

It is holding up pretty good for an old bird. It got knocked down a couple of times today.  Hate to think how many times that has happened over the years. But I try to have something on the coffee table that the kids can’t hurt. And this has, definitely, filled the bill.

I do feel calmer now. That is the best part of blogging.  It seems to calm me down. And after writing a post, I feel like I have accomplished something for the day.

Think, I will go to bed.

Good night.