Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ahh, fresh smell

Finally, the weekend is about here. For some reason, this has been a long week. Don’t know why. Cause it’s, actually, has been a good week. The daycare kids have been good. The new baby is an angel. So far. Knock on wood. You know how that goes, when you talk about it all "h" breaks loose.

One good thing has come from this week. The smell from the deceased mouse is finally leaving our walk-in closet. It will be two weeks Saturday, that I first caught a whiff of it. I took everything out of the closet, washed the shelves, dusted the baseboards and hubby vacuumed the carpet. Never did find the critter’s remains. But the smell proceeded to get worse as the days worn on. There is a crawl space above the closet and I think that is where the critter was. This is the first evening that the closet smells close to normal. It helped that the weather was so nice the last couple of days, enabling me to open the bathroom window. Our walk-in closet is off of our bathroom. Great place for it, I might add.

Got a couple of Christmas cards made this afternoon. Hope to get more made this weekend and get them posted by Sunday evening.

Have a good weekend everyone. Enjoy.


  1. hi Rose . its so nice to meet you, welcome to the blogging world!! You do beautiful cards!! You should join us on Wednesday at a link party called What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, you will meet all kinds of bloggers and craft people from all over! The blog is called The Stamping Ground and she is a lovely gal, Julia is her name.You can find the link on my post titled WOYWW.

  2. Thank you for inviting me. Wednesdays are my days off. I will have to check that out. And thanks you for commenting on my cards. It is a hobby I love doing.