Wednesday, November 14, 2012


A fellow blogger commented how she missed feeding the birds. She said one squirrel found the feeders and soon the feeders were over ran with squirrels. And she gave up trying to feed the birds.

Well, that reminded me of our experience with pigeons a few years ago. One day, when I had the daycare kids outside playing, a pigeon landed not far from the kids. They got all excited and asked if they could feed it. I didn't figure it would hurt anything, so I let them. Every day for a week, when we would go outside, that pigeon would be there and would follow the kids around like a puppy. I let them feed him,  thinking “how cute”. They even named him, Sam. We all just assumed it was a "he". Then, one morning, there were two. So now, we had Samantha. Those two pigeons would follow the kids even while they were riding their big wheels. At this point, I was thinking that, maybe, this wasn't  such a cute thing after all. This went on for a couple of weeks and I thought” okay, maybe, it isn't so bad. It sure was entertaining for the kids. Then, one morning, as the daycare kids were arriving, I noticed that the roof line, on the neighbor’s house, had pigeons lined up from one end to the other. Sam and Samantha had invited their whole family, in-laws and all.  And once they saw the kids getting out of cars, they swooped down wanting them to feed them. Needless to say we quit feeding pigeons and it took a long while before they gave up and went some place else for their free meals.  Haven’t seen many pigeons in the neighbor since and that is fine with me. 

Take care and have a good Thursday.


  1. wow, I see your point of not feeding them, could get dangerous and messy!