Friday, November 16, 2012


I had such plans for today. After the daycare kids left at 1, I was going to do some research on the computer in peace and quiet. Well, as usual, well laid plans of mice and men. Things didn’t work out that way.

This morning, I was checking out some of the blogs I follow, and my computer froze up. I hit, ctrl, alt, delete with no results. Tried it again and again and nothing. Still froze. So I just held down the off button till the computer shut down. This has happened a couple of times this week. I just figured I had too many windows open. I tend to do that. After a reboot. NOTHING. The blue screen of death.
This laptop has been a pain from almost day one. Sometimes I have a card reader, sometimes I don’t. The DVD/CD hasn’t worked for months. I have to transfer anything I want to burn onto a flash drive, install that on my hubby’s computer and then burn it from there. The lid is falling apart bit by bit. Is really squeaky when I open and close. And that is where the problem lies. I called a computer repair person, and she said it sounds like I have a short. She suggested I get the lid in a position where everything is working and DUCK TAPE it. Yes, duck tape it. So I did. But the lid is still very unstable. Don't think it is going to work for long.

She said there isn't  anything that can be done. Suggested, I start watching for a good deal on computers. Maybe find something during black Friday shopping. So, my question to all of you? What kind of computer do you have? Are you happy with it? Any suggestions?

Have a good weekend.

P.S. a giggle from my daycare .

Daycare girl at breakfast this morning:

“Rosie, do you know what you do when you have to toot?
Me: “No, what”?
Daycare girl:
“You go like this. “ and at that she lifted one cheek off her chair and let one go.

Tried not to laugh, but that was impossible. 


  1. we had an HP lap top, it was no good, lasted one year, the lid went on it and maybe if we duck taped it we might have got a bit more out of it bu the screen went too.We have a Toshiba right now and its so far so good, I wish I could say I had an Apple but I just can't afford one!

  2. I am leaning towards a Toshiba. The computer lady recommended Toshiba. And they are very affordable. Same features on another HP is about 150 dollars more.