Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It’s for the Birds.

I have bird feeders out my kitchen window. Takes your mind off the chore at hand, when you can look out and see what birds are out there. Today,I glanced out, as always, and the feeders had the usual goldfinch feeding. We have a huge flock of those around all the time. But there was this bigger red bird sharing the feeder with them. At first, I thought it was a cardinal, till it turned  around. And, oh my, what a strange looking beak.It has a thick,curved bill with crossed tips.I grabbed my camera and, lucky for me, he  isn't a timid bird. I was able to take a couple of pictures.

When the kids were taking their naps today, I sat down at my computer  and did some searching. It is a Red Crossbill.  Seems like this isn’t it natural range.

This is what I found on allaboutbirds.org.
” A stocky finch of mature coniferous forests, the Red Crossbill is dependent on the seed cones that are its main food. Its peculiar bill allows it access to the seeds”.

Sounds like seeing it in our area is rare. I checked a couple of times  during the day, and never did see  it again.

Speaking of “ its for the birds” is anyone doing the Black Friday sales? I think they are for the birds. Maybe not the sales, but getting up that early to shop is definitely “for the birds” in my book.

Enjoy your evening.

p.s. I added three new cards to my Christmas Cards page. Check them out.


  1. I enjoy watching the birds too. Earlier this year we kept seeing unfamiliar species that had us busily checking the bird identifier charts!

  2. My hubby says the birds are going to eat us out of house and home. Sometimes the bird seed doesn't last long. He gets ear corn from a farmer friend to feed the squirrels. The corn feeder attracts a lot woodpeckers and blue jays. When he puts a new ear out, there is almost a "traffic jam" at the feeders.

  3. What a beautiful bird! We have birdfeeders in our courtyard and we love to watch them. We are having all kinds of birds showing up right now...migratory birds! It's hard to get good photos though! Yours are great!

  4. What gorgeous birds at your feeder!! I would have so excited to see that new red one too. We also feed the birds, and just got some seed the other day, to get ready for winter. The photo of your house: It looks just like ours, but ours doesn't have the porch on yet. We have the footings in, but the porch is still waiting to materialize. I love how yours looks. is it screened or is that window? I'm your newest follower!♥ Thanks so much for your comments on Cranberry Morning!

  5. I knew nothing of birds until I worked for a dentist in town who designed his office so all of the rooms have glass doors that face out to bird feeders and beautiful landscaping. Now I know my birds. ;)

    We'll be volunteering at Samaritan's Purse Warehouse on Black Friday packing up Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes to be shipped to the children of the world!