Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beautiful sunrise

What a beautiful day in Iowa. Feels more like late spring than late fall. The sunrise was unbelievable. I always get excited when I can see the sunrise from our house. Most of the time it is blocked by trees and houses. 

Haven’t done a lot today. Just the usual Saturday cleaning. You know, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floors. Hubby did the vacuuming. Gee, on second thought, I guess I have done a lot today.Now relaxing, watching some football. And the birds.The woodpeckers have been making a path to our feeder all day. The big one chases off the smaller one but as soon as he leaves the smaller one returns. Talk about determination. 
I wonder if the birds know that tomorrow is going to be so different from today and are storing up. Instead of sun and temperatures in the  70’s, tomorrow’s forecast is for rain and  highs in the 30’s.  
Tomorrow is our church’s Fall Dinner. Sure hope the weather doesn’t hurt the turnout. Speaking of church, I think I will go shower and get ready for Mass. It is that time of the day.
Have a blessed Sunday.

Oh, added some Christmas cards to my pages. And revamped my other card pages. Check them out. Thanks

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  1. your photos are wonderful! what a sun rise!!! I miss my birds. we used to have 5 feeders that attracted many different birds...then the squirrels arrived and brought all their relatives too and ate all the bird food...we gave up...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    welcome to blog world!!!